According to the cost of constructing the interception network of the same size with the same level of federal weapons, the cost of constructing the fire interception network of the empire at this time is more than 300 million federal dollars per minute.

It is equivalent to knocking out a Guo Shi-class mecha in one minute. For the empire, it is a loss of a Duke armor in one minute.
But even this level of fire interception network can’t completely cut off the federal fire bombardment has attacked the imperial forces.
At this time, the Marquis A, who was captured by the Federation and now recaptured by the Empire, must be repaired and then put into use.
"Are you sure?"
"Make sure you’ve checked the video. It’s this Marquis A who shouted and made our gestures."
"But there …"
There is indeed an imperial orangutan in the cockpit, but it has lost its head and even its neck. How can it be identified?
"I remember that this set of warfare was always worn in the base before the eleventh king’s palace, and these patterns were the marks of the Dongwang family."
"Clothes can be changed. There are also our kin in several other Marquis armour, but they have all defected."
"Check the palm print. The eleventh Wang Dianji land limit has not been revoked."
Immediately, an orangutan took out the equipment and carefully held up the body of the eleven kings for limited authentication.
"It’s eleven kings. It’s really …"
The mood of the orangutans is complicated, although they all know that the king of Town East is dead, the king of Town South is dead, and the former king of Town North is dead in the hands of Ji Xinghe.
But no body can be placed directly in front of them like this.
Watching a video or hearing the news brings a feeling that it is so intuitive now. Once, the prince of the high empire was so dead.
"Keep the remains of the Eleventh King’s Hall from moving. If anything goes wrong, we will all be confiscated and annihilated."
"Don’t we collect the remains of the eleven kings?"
"How to collect? If you are less, you will be hacked, or do you have been blessed and don’t need more sophisticated tools? "
Although the King of Town East is dead, so are the eleven kings, but there are many princes in the King of Town East family, and they are the royal family of the empire. How dare these orangutans at the bottom of the empire be presumptuous?
"What about this Marquis armour?"
"Drag it back together slowly."
"But the Marquis A should be inspected."
"Eleven Wang Dian has the strength to be angry. If there is something wrong with this mecha, can it not know? It said that it was planted with a bomb in Ji Xinghe’s brain and had to drive this mecha. "
"Yes, but …"
"But what? Can you guarantee not to damage the remains of the Eleven Kings Hall after a detailed inspection? "
"There won’t be any problem. The cockpit is so big, and there isn’t much room for weapons."
"Biological and chemical weapons should wear protective masks when they are not in wartime. It is said that nuclear weapons are too small to be released. I heard that they are too small and have no power."
"So be it."
"Ji Xinghe is so cruel. How did he come up with such cruel and diabolical means?"