GengFanJian some emotional way "dongguo police can be sure! You can send my photo, fingerprint, name and identity information to Dongguo police station. According to my family address, I have a wife and children in Dongguo … you can confirm my identity! "

Hua Zhen trip "We will do this! At the same time, I also ask Mr. Geng to do me a favor and identify his fellow travelers. If you can remember all the information, tell us that there are photos of twenty of him. Please introduce them one by one. "
Since all the documents have been lost and no one here knows them, there are two ways to confirm the identity of private prosecution: one is to cross-check with peers, and the other is to send the information back to the East Nationality Institute for confirmation and notify the East Embassy in Guinea or other diplomatic missions.
Geng Fanjian took 20 photos to introduce their names, identities and places of origin. At the beginning, not all the 30 people came from the same city, but they were taken together on plantations for several months and had a lot of communication with each other. Can you remember that Geng Fanjian said all the information?
After the record is completed, Hua Zhenxing frowns and says, "Thank you, Mr. Geng, for your cooperation! But I still have a question that I don’t understand. Are you willing to spend more than one million Dong Guo just to get a passport? "
Chapter 213, I understand
According to the current governance structure of Guinea, administrative units at the state level, such as Somali port, can also apply for local resident status for migrants.
Everyone is more than one million, so the new business alliance can be done by itself? And absolutely no fraud! When it comes to building a hotel, it is really necessary to build a hotel, but it can also be his investment project.
Even if you don’t invest, you will sell your passport directly … Thought of this, Hua Zhen suddenly woke up. The new alliance doesn’t need and shouldn’t do this kind of "human trafficking" business. Its profit logic and purpose are contrary.
Geng Fanjian explained, "I didn’t get a passport from several countries, but I can apply for naturalization in other countries after five years."
Hua Zhen trip "Have you ever been to another country?"
Geng Fanjian "hasn’t been there yet, but I didn’t make it because of the epidemic."
Hua Zhen trip "I just came back from another country two months ago. To be honest, I don’t quite understand you. Dongguo has a successful career. Why bother and suffer this crime?"
GengFanJian don’t sobbed looked up some vacant way "suffer? I’m afraid you misunderstood that Belgium is a very developed country. You should go to a chaotic neighborhood … "
I’m going to the palace of Lacken Garden! Hua Zhen spoke with a wave in his heart and said, "Don’t worry about this problem, and even if you get a few passports, you may not be able to become naturalized. What did you think at the beginning?"
GengFanJian bowed their heads and said, "I mainly have a child education …"
The trip to Hua Zhen was really shocking at this moment. How many medicines did you take wrong to send your children to the port of Sofia for education? You know, one of the biggest headaches for the municipal authorities in Port-of-Somalia is how to build a school, otherwise there will be no people left!
Even if the best and only private school in the port of Sofia, the teaching level of Grosse School is probably not as good as that of a municipal school in Gengfanjian’s hometown, and there are many private schools in the East. It is impossible for Gengfanjian’s local wealthy children not to get a better education.
Hua Zhenxing wondered, "What do you think of sending your child here to study for five years? Do you want him to be bullied and learn to suck D every day? "
Gengfanjian hurriedly shook his head. "No, I didn’t intend to send them to several countries to study. If possible, I can send them to other countries to study in the future."
Even if you don’t send it out with a foreign identity, the admission line of Dongguokao University in the future can be much lower as an international student. I heard that there are scholarships … "
At this time, Ye Yuhong whispered a few words in Hua Zhen’s ear, and Hua Zhenxing showed an abrupt look and interrupted Geng Fanjian. "Please introduce your society and fill out this form … Tell me what your father does?"
Ye Yuhong is also a technician of the aid construction project in Dongguo, and the engineer of the heavy oil project. At this time, the heavy oil project has been installed and is close to debugging. Ye Yuhong has nothing to go back to China, but Huanxiang Industrial ordered a 100,000-kilowatt unit while the iron is hot. Anyway, Huazhen Bank happens to have money at hand.
Ye Yuhong is a single technical house and likes it here, so he volunteered to stay and continue to participate in the project. During this period, he was more relaxed and wanted to hire him as a consultant, not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of technology. Today, China really came to ask Geng Fanjian that he needed someone who knew the situation in the East, so Ye Yuhong came together.
"My father is the leader of the Urban Construction Bureau and has retired." Speaking of this, Geng Fanjian suddenly stopped talking and asked with some vigilance. "What do you ask about this?"
I don’t know if Hua really listened to Bai just now, but Ye Yuhong listened to Bai anyway
Geng Fanjian is engaged in decoration and building materials business. Speaking of course, he insists that he is clean, because some businesses can be arranged through his father without much effort.
But then again, with such fierce competition, why should he hand over a lot of business in the market to make a fortune? I’m afraid it’s not true that I have tens of millions of fortune so smoothly.
Geng Fanjian’s father retired last year, that is, around that time, there were also many local leaders who were retired or retired, and he also moved a little bit, otherwise he would not have been fooled and lame at the promotion meeting.
He got a passport with a new name, and if necessary, he could transfer his assets to an overseas account set up in this capacity. He intended to do so, but he was sent to the plantation without doing anything.
Ye Yuhong whispered a few words in Hua Zhen’s ear, and Hua Zhenxing continued to ask, "You have millions of meters of net worth and haven’t tried to buy off the guards?"
Geng Fanjian suddenly became very frightened and muttered in a low voice, "I have thought about it, but many of my assets are in the company’s books, which is not so good to dispose of."
Many of us have also thought about it, but we didn’t dare to say anything later.
Because a man did this, he has already transferred more than one million meters of overseas accounts to this identity for several miles. The next day, he told the guards that he was rich and willing to spend money to buy freedom … "
Hua Zhen line "Who should you point out first?"
Gengfanjian "no, he’s dead in here, that’s dead!" He is two years younger than me. He comes with two people.
When the guard heard about it, he reported it, and then he didn’t know where he came from, so he asked him for the account and password, as well as the legal entrustment procedures, and the money department was transferred
Then the gang tortured him every day to make him spit out more money, and he died and his wife went crazy.
Later, the guard who killed him was punished. I heard that the natives who lived with me said that they couldn’t kill us casually because the plantation was short of hands … "
Gengfanjian knows about the situation here, and there are several people behind who want to ask Hua Zhen to send him back to rest first. Gengfanjian got up from his chair and suddenly knelt down and said, "Mr. Hua, China’s leader, China’s chief executive, please send me back to the East as soon as possible!" I can pay you how much you want! "