"oh? We found a hidden snow area. Good thing. "

Lu Chen is optimistic that he can’t say that the elders who have great influence on this field have given jade symbols no matter what.
They are now crustily skin of head to explore a way out, which is a long talk, because they don’t know which direction is leading to the periphery at present.
The mine is winding and winding, and it may be heading east at this time, and then it will turn west in a short time.
Flying around the Xiaojinlong Cave, I suddenly shouted excitedly, holding the crystal together in my mouth and gesticulating with the little dragon’s claw.
"God crystal! ?”
Lu Chen also cheered up and ran with Xiaojinlong. There were several bare external bearing crystals at the corner of the grotto, and there should be a small mineral deposit pile on the crystal surface.
Liu Chen smiled. "It seems that we are lucky. It is also a good thing that there is no black fog here, which can save some energy."
Qianxue also helped to dig the original mine hole, and both the stone wall and the ground were very hard. It took them ten minutes to dig the face.
At first glance, there are about dozens of crystals, which is really a windfall.
Xiaojinlong was even more excited and jumped at the dragon body, which means that it found that it belongs to it.
Liu Chen took a small golden dragon head "forget what we agreed before? This is what you searched out, but you dug it yourself, which is not the same as before. "
When robbing together, the income naturally did not go into his pocket, and Liu Chen also gave a lot of snow.
The original Liu Chen saw that Qianxue was about to break through to Zunjing and wanted to give most of the crystal to her, but Qianxue didn’t accept it. Liu Chen said that it was also like Xiaojinlong who took thirty percent.
With a sum of income, it is a red door, which makes Lu Chen look forward to this mine.
Yi Long, two people, moved on because there was no black fog. Xiaojinlong flew around Lu Chen himself, and there was a click sound in his mouth. This guy actually chewed on the crystal just like eating jelly beans.
"You don’t know what’s wrong? Just eat it! ?”
Lu Chen thinks that Xiao Jinlong is squandering the world. "Do you want me to teach you how to absorb teaching and collect a hundred great crystals?"
Xiaojinlong is very human. He rolled his eyes, gestured and touched his belly, which means his blood memory tells him to eat.
Lu Chen’s routine fruit no longer talks about this matter, and the real dragon cub is not really stupid, and he doesn’t need to worry about cultivation.
Suddenly, there was a similar nail scraping sound in the ear, which made Lu Chen sullen.
"That thing has followed."
He budo eye looked around and looked at the little golden dragon.
Xiaojin Long Ga Bu Ga Bu chewed Cheng Jing with a face of koo, which means that he was just distracted and didn’t pay attention.
It stopped chewing and drummed its cheeks to help look around the mine. Although there was no black fog in this area, it was still dark without sunlight. A piece of jade-like stone Bai Yueguang was reflected by the thousand snow techniques.
There is nothing unusual in the eyes, and there is nothing uncomfortable in its perception, so it shakes its head, which means that it has not found the ghost.
Liu Chen’s heart is agitated. They are followed by something that may be a spectre, but they still can’t find it.
The other side doesn’t start work, but it’s disgusting to keep harassing behind.
"Captain, what is it against you?"
Qianxue frowned and thought that she found nothing in the field of perception, but unlike Lu Chen, although Lu Chen didn’t find the ghost, it occasionally made an annoying sound, which Lu Chen could hear but she didn’t notice.
She doesn’t understand that she and the captain, two pioneers, are at the peak of the seventh order. How can she be inferior to Xiaojinlong in perception?
Xiaojinlong can detect the location of the ghost, but if it doesn’t show up or harass Lu Chen, neither of them will feel it, just like whether it is another piece or not.
Lu Chen is also leng. Yes, what the hell is bothering him?
"Maybe it’s a female ghost."
Liu Chen joked to ease the tension.
Qianxue actually took the stalk this time. "Maybe."