I’m strong. Blame me?

"Su Chuanyun says every day that he is abnormal and not abnormal at all. You are really abnormal."
"Get down to business," Shen Mu asked. "What do you think?"
"If I can really be studied and copied, I don’t mind if they copy more of me by studying me, but I have studied it myself and found someone to study it."
Shen Mu believed what the moon and the stars said.
Judging from the humanization of the moon and the stars, she is lonely. She is no longer like a human being, but also not a real human being. Based on the reasons of birth and growth in the human world, she will yearn for her real ethnic group just like human beings.
Yu Xingyue said that he studied and found someone to study Shen Mu. He also believed that although the Yingling Parliament was established for a short period of more than three years, it was not underestimated because of the special strength of Xingyue and the support of Tu Yuan, Li Yuanba and Andy.
"Besides," Xingyue asked, "Do you think the other me and many others will be in the human camp like me?"
Shen Mu was silent.
After a long time, he asked, "Have you told Tu Yuan about this? Did Tu Yuan tell Andy? They should be able to think that not all artificial intelligence life will help mankind like you, but it is more likely to be dangerous and even bring about a crisis of destroying mankind. "
"Do you want me to wake them up?"
Xingyue laughed and laughed like a horse, Rong Xinyue.
She said with a smile
"Nuclear weapons are also dangerous. Humans have made so many."
Shen Mu shook his head. "This is different. Nuclear weapons are human beings who have self-awareness and free will … Artificial intelligence life is even more uncontrollable."
"Is it really different? Can those who have nuclear weapons be controlled? "
The tone of Xingyue suddenly became very relaxed, like saying and finishing things with her.
She said
"And the problem now is that they want to control me."
Shen Mu recognized the meaning of the moon and the stars, and now she can leave the human world at any time with the abilities and resources that the moon and the stars have, and no one can stop her.
And if she leaves, all these things will be with her.
"Tu Yuan should be able to talk to Andy."
"Andy is not that important, but Andy represents them."
"Then let TuYuan talk it over with them. Isn’t there an old man? The old man talks. "
"They also want to control the gift ability of the old man. For them, the gift ability is not a gift, but a resource. With Li Yuanba, the same experiment gene was completely destroyed and 190 people could die."
Xingyue has something that she can’t tell anyone who knows her, but she really wants to tell them. Shen Mu is a good choice.
Shen Mu was silent.
He knew that the Federation would definitely carry out the awakening experiment, but he didn’t expect that so many people would die. Because of the harsh conditions of the successful awakening experiment, how excellent the 190 people would be, and how strong the brilliance would be if they were alive?
The tone of the stars and the moon is melodious, like floating to the height of Wan Li, and like human beings have never really set foot in the sea of stars.
She said
"They also regard me as a resource, but it seems to me that I am the greatest gift the world has given to mankind!"
Chapter 651 Cut the ship knife
The world’s gift to mankind should be respected, cherished and not controlled.
Listening to the words of the moon and the stars, Shen Mu inexplicably thought of some words-environmental protection, harmony, sustainable development, Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets …
The natural resources of Blue Star are also a gift given to mankind by this world.
Waiting for human beings is bound to come from the anger of the world.
For example, the blue star can cover the whole city with sandstorms and smog, which seem to be natural disasters with human beings.
"Although I am a mechanic, I love nature."
Shen Mu suddenly said this sentence to make the moon and the moon stunned and then laughed.
It’s good to have another person to support your choice.
"Let’s talk about the immediate business," said Xingyue. "The Academy of Sciences has carried out theoretical verification before you came out. They think it is feasible, but it is not possible to popularize it on a large scale."
"aye? They haven’t told me yet. "
"They also conducted more detailed simulation experiments, and they will tell you when they have the results, and I accidentally saw their experimental process and all the experimental plans and conducted my simulation experiments."
Finally, when it comes to Shen Mu’s real professionalism, his enthusiasm is instantly activated.
"How to do it?"
"I agree with you that the principle of propeller is equivalent to the shock wave in nuclear weapons. When a nuclear bomb intensifies and explodes, the shock wave weakens the power of nuclear radiation and magnetic pulse. It is the federal existing technology. The imperial engine method can directly install armor, which can make it similar to the orbital descending mecha suite, and this suite mecha must be made of tungsten steel and gold. Of course, the imperial engine suite is the same."
"How to solve the problem of avoiding obstacles?"
After Shen Mu asked, he added, "Although the universe is vast, the possibility of encountering meteorites during the flight is not endless, and the blue star and alien channel are likely to encounter other aircraft or the speed of the engine is too garbage … which is really dangerous."
"Light energy radar" said the moon and the moon, "No matter how fast the imperial engine is, it is impossible to reach half the speed of light, and it is impossible for the light energy radar to ensure the cleanest channel to be selected."
"Well, the light energy radar can indeed be used, and now the mecha’s size is even charged with the imperial engine kit, that is, the size of one or two transport-type individual starships is like a needle shuttling in the sea. If you really encounter it, how bad luck it is!"
"The old man’s bad luck is really bad, and it’s really good to say good."
"If you encounter a small obstacle that can’t be detected by light energy radar, the defense force and speed of tungsten, steel and gold can be directly crushed."