"Of course not!" Beside, Aofei held his head high and said, "We are not children …"

"That …" Debbie is confused!
Wilson looked at Mark and pointed to Mark’s waist and said, "At that time, that adult showed us his papers and said that he needed our help …"
Mark couldn’t help but look down and took his badge and pointed it. "With this one?"
Wilson and Orpheus nodded!
Mark looked up at Debbie and Maggie, and obviously the two women were completely confused!
Mark took out a photo of Jack from the data and asked the two children, "Is it the photo?"
Wilson and Aofei took a closer look!
Nod your head!
Chapter 79 Jack’s body was found
At this moment!
Looking at the nod, Mark blinked and shrugged at Debbie and Maggie. "I hate to say it, but … we should arrest Jack."
"… what!" Maggie and Debbie asked mark in a flash!
Don’t say that you have always had a problem with Mark at this moment. Maggie, even Debbie, thinks it’s time to leave Mark.
This guy … Or do they know the boss?
Doesn’t it hurt to sell it so simply?
Mark looked at the two women and smiled with the wave and said, "I’m kidding …"
Two women can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.
But Mark rubbed his hand and said, "I have really considered whether to arrange for Jack to run away to Africa for two or three years first …"
"…" Two women!
Just when the boss of Ermaitan was thinking about being bigger when he was transferred, Wilson rolled his eyes and pointed to the photo. Jack said, "But we feel thinner than him when we see that man …"
Debbie flashed her eyes and said, "Really?"
Brother Aofei also nodded and thought for a while and said, "Yeah, and he smells like potions …"
"The smell of potions?"
"Yes!" Wilson also nodded and said, "Well, and he is definitely not a New Yorker!" "
"What?" Maggie looked at Wilson and asked curiously.
"Because he has a strange smell when he speaks …"
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
"hmm!" Wilson nodded and looked at his father Anderson and said, "Just like the foreign colleague’s accent that Dad brought back two days ago …"
Mark immediately looked at Anderson, who was sitting with Monica. The latter was slightly stunned and immediately thought for a moment and said, "A friend of an island investment bank came to visit us two days ago."
Mark suddenly shines at the moment!
He remembered that Anderson High School had the title of Oriental love guru in the market!
Almost all the films of the island country can be bought from Anderson …
Of course, Mark is a pragmatist, so Anderson should tell him!
In half an hour!
Mark said goodbye to Monica, who was cold to himself, and Anderson, who was smiling.
"The whole …"
"Make-up …"
"Human skin mask!"
Mark in the driver’s seat looked at the two women behind him and stared at himself. He couldn’t help but say, "What’s curious about this? The CIA guys have put the human skin mask technology to the point of authenticity since the 1990s."
Maggie said with some wonder, "You mean the CIA guys framed Jack? What? "
Mark glanced at Debbie on the phone and shrugged. "I’m a metaphor. This technology is not unique to the CIA."
Just then!
Debbie hangs up and says, "Qi Dan said that the police in new york received an alarm from a construction site saying that Jack’s body was found in the construction site …"
"What …"