Thousands of snow light mouth way

"No matter if she is not in the top ten yet, there is no need to disgust her."
Lu Chen waved his hand and said that Mo Yu did not show hostility. Rather, she released friendly information after playing with Leng Yue for so long. This is a feed.
Leng Yue strength field a powerful person, she will not be an opponent.
Even in the first world war, some methods of warfare of those profound monks have obvious advantages.
Lowering their attributes didn’t ban their occult skills and fighting skills.
"I have gained a lot, and I will think about the lack of this battle."
Leng Yue also said that she didn’t want the team to erect an inexplicable nemesis, and it was very troublesome. It really didn’t make much difference between fighting with Qianxue and fighting with the three of them at the same time
Lu Chen looked at the number of remaining contestants in the original valley. "Thousands of snows can be harvested."
Chapter nine hundred and forty Challenger
After Lu Chen’s speech, many people focused their eyes on the snow and wanted to know what the snow-like female evil spirit really did.
Earlier, many tianjiao believed that Lu Chen and his party were all young and would suffer in the struggle with the top tianjiao.
However, the weakest of the three of them, the little "follower", is inextricably linked with the magic beast Gong Moyu, which makes people have to reassess the strength of Lu Chen and his party.
At this time, Qianxue went to an ancient battlefield with the same order. There was a strong tianjiao who just won his 431-game winning streak.
"It’s Liu Hong in Nanshan Building who has been stared at, but he is second only to those strong players."
Some people in the crowd noticed that Nanshan Tower, the male identity in the ancient battlefield, was a big force in the ancient star of the meteorite. Although there is still a certain gap compared with the top overlord, Liu Hong, the most outstanding brother among contemporary young people, is definitely outstanding enough.
At least in terms of realm, he didn’t lose a game with ten top tianjiao, and he didn’t meet top tianjiao all the way.
Because those strong people don’t want to fight against people like Liu Hong too early, they don’t think they can win the battle easily, which will expose their cards.
Qianxue has no scruples about this. She knows that the captain said that she can reap the harvest.
Liu Hong is the person with the most marks, which is naturally her primary goal.
"Hello, Qian Xuexian, please advise."
Liu Hong is a square man who looks a little simple and honest and says hello politely after thousands of snow platforms.
Qianxue didn’t respond. It’s a little greasy for others to call her fairy.
She nodded her head immediately, and made no secret of releasing deep red blood gas in the ancient battlefield to make her white hair drift with the wind.
Liu Hong instantly felt a strong pressure from the front pressure of the flank.
Outside, all the tianjiao are paying attention to this battle and want to know the strength of the top strong among these mysterious foreign visitors.
Because the realm of both sides seems to be an attribute, it seems that the ancient battlefield has not suppressed its combat power.
Watching people think it is a good opportunity to observe the strength of Qianxue, not only in the same situation, but also in this battle, people can see her true strength.
Only in the ancient battlefield can Liu Hong feel stared at by this beautiful woman for a moment, and he seems to have been listed by death waiting to be sentenced.
How many people has she killed? ?
How to kill in the battlefield to cultivate such a monstrous evil spirit?
Liu Hong is no longer polite, because the cold momentum, like the cold wave in the depths of the universe, has made him have some spiritual difficulties.
Everyone seems to be in the realm, but he seems to be facing the suffocation of a predecessor who has been in the boundary for a long time.
One brake, the whole ancient battlefield, Fiona Fang White Kilometers, fell into a colorful world.
The square magma is as violent as the crimson square, and the figure of a girl with biting cold and snow, like a moon, brings out an illusory streamer.
Thousands of snow waist growth weapons, snow foam unsheathed as thin as cicada blade, slender knife light, lonely and firm knife meaning, sharp as if to cut everything
Liu Hong’s hands were sealed, and it was a close call to react to this fatal knife.
The Nanshan seal in his hand is as heavy and majestic as an ancient mountain, but it was melted like ice and snow when the thin blade crossed earlier.
He quickly retreated from this limited space, but he finally felt that the blade with the smell of death followed him.
Lu Chen looked at the battle from the sidelines and said that it was "over"
Liu Hong’s realm is not low, but he has already reached 913 today, and he has just reached this realm. His attribute is up to standard, but he is still far from this realm of war experience.
It’s not the achievement method and hermetic technique of Nanshan Tower. It’s that he didn’t practice fine in the face of more fierce tianjiao, and some people couldn’t cope with it.
Thousands of snow have occupied the absolute advantage, and the secret blood fighters will always solve the battle soon after they have the advantage.
As Lu Chen said, a thousand snows are enough for one brake, the waist is light and the rotation is light, and the second knife is cut suddenly and quickly during the power rotation of both sides.
Her fighting style is different from Lu Chen’s, and she is more light, elegant and violent.
The secret blood boiled for a moment, and the end of her long white hair was dyed red a little.
The revised achievement method scripture is even more powerful, and the output has risen by more than one level.