Since the maturity of mecha technology, the imperial mecha warfare has been ahead of the federal forces for a long time because of its advantages in quantity and average combat power, and then it is as simple as eating and drinking water for the empire to achieve the goal of annihilation by attacking on a large scale by conventional forces.

Especially in the mecha’s top combat power, the empire has a crushing advantage over the Federation for a long time.
The breakthrough of the number method of the federal ace mecha and the maintenance of ten spells can be said to be the intention of the empire.
Whenever the tenth ace mecha empire appears in the Federation, it will be fighting in the war, and the target Duke A of the Federal Ace Mecha will be hunted and killed.
It’s just Duke Jia. General Jia and pro-Wang Jia rarely appear, which means that the top combat power of those alien battlefields is Duke Jia.
However, at a certain moment, Duke A of the Empire lost its advantage and gradually turned from the status of hunter to the status of hunted.
"Ji Xinghe!"
Adakang came up with this name.
Li Yuanba’s extremely individual combat power in the Federation brings advantages to the Federation and puts pressure on the empire far more than people like Ji Xinghe.
Because Li Yuanba’s background is too orthodox, he has too many things to worry about. How can he be like Ji Xinghe, a grass-roots background, like a fugitive, rushing to kill in various battlefields and situations?
"It’s a pity that you can’t come today"
With this in mind, Adakang’s smile is even brighter. The reason why he gave the No.3 transition base to Ji Xinghe is to limit Ji Xinghe.
Strictly speaking, it is to limit the independent group of Ji Xinghe
There are more than 3,000 mecha in the No.3 transition base, and its various forces can make the independent group of Ji Xinghe leave the battlefield even if it is damaged by breaking through the blockade of the Federal World War II area and destroying the command center.
And it seems that the transition door has been closed. Is it really closed?
Adakang certainly knows that it is completely closed. It doesn’t want Ji Xinghe to have the opportunity to throw a nuclear weapon to the transition base of the Mountain of Gods, but this information will take a long time for the Federation to verify.
It is not too much to say that there are several miniaturized transition gate devices hidden in the corner as big as a transition base.
Not only jump gates, but also nuclear weapons.
Although the Federation was able to get information that the Empire didn’t arrange nuclear weapons at the No.3 transition base, it was when the Town East King was in charge of the No.3 transition base, and it was changed to a limited one. Wouldn’t Adakang really hide a few nuclear weapons and wait for an opportunity to hit Ji Xinghe hard?
So Adakang concluded that Ji Xinghe couldn’t come with an independent group to support him, and if the independent group couldn’t come, there was no need for Ji Xinghe to come.
Let it make a judgment and let Li Han hesitate for almost the same reason.
Fighting is such a thing, and it is a long-term war between the two wise men, the Federation and the Empire. No one will choose to strive for victory in every battle.
It’s inevitable to win, but it’s foolish to go all out every time.
Even if Ji Xinghe is so stupid, the Federation will not let Ji Xinghe’s stupidity affect this war. Adakang knows very well that the Federation can’t control Ji Xinghe, but can’t the Federation control the three independent groups?
Adakang’s face is gradually cruel because the vanguard mecha in the Guards Camp have chased three independent groups.
300 duke armour is not a secret pursuit, but a continuous pursuit to avoid the federal fire formation. At the beginning, there are 60 duke armour. It seems that three independent regiments can join hands to turn around and meet them and complete annihilation in one fell swoop.
But the three independent groups have no intention of fighting back.
Because these imperial mecha are duke armour, although the weapons made by the three independent regiments are forged from tungsten, steel and gold, the theory can cause direct damage to these duke armour, but the actual effect is equivalent to cutting iron plates with steel knives.
Ji Xinghe had such a disadvantage when he used tungsten, steel and gold weapons against the driving duke A, Berrossi IV. Berrossi IV’s gun hit his mecha, which caused more damage than his weapon hit Berrossi IV’s mecha.
In order to achieve effective attack, we must seize the best opportunity in the course of the battle and explode the performance of the mecha. It is easier said than done, but it is difficult. How could Imperial Duke A give such an opportunity easily?
If the three independent groups dare to turn around and fight, they will be limited by 60 duke armour and then broken one by one by the internal forces in the Guards’ camp.
But even if we don’t look back, when the two sides are already in sight, the three independent groups can’t escape.
The roar suddenly sounded.
Duke A, who is about to chase three independent regiments, was attacked by federal fire and was more accurate than long-range fire attack.
In the view of Adakang, many Duke armour were hit by an unknown number of bullets and shells and were directly blown up. Although they were still able to fight after landing, there was little damage to their bodies, which affected their pursuit speed.
Before you know it, the guards’ camp has arrived in the Federation, and there are heavily fortified lines.
Have been chased by the three independent regiments, there is still no short radius and no patrol troops, but directly through the federal defense line, where the federal troops are killed by the guards and then crushed by the conventional mecha corps.
"Defense is not as important as mecha? Ha ha ha … "