The war in the No.5 base war zone will start an independent regiment, and it is right to hurry to help, although the western war zone is also an important battlefield for the Federation to face the empire, and the theory is more important than the No.5 base war zone.

But base 5 is the independent group.
The independent group has no home, but they all know that Ji Xinghe Alien has a home-Ji Rongxin’s place is Ji Xinghe’s home.
"We’re not going back for backup."
Ji Xinghe finally spoke to him, which made all the captains of the independent regiment stunned.
Before the small team leaders stressed that the No.5 base might not be able to keep Ji Xinghe, he had already given his reasons.
"If we all go back, the empire will fight back against the western theater for the first time, and 56,395 people have died in vain in these seven days."
The communication channel was silent to chase after several imperial mecha Su Chuanyun to vent and grabbed these Venus from his players.
Compared with what they broke, the loss of the independent regiment is simply worthless in terms of numbers, but this is because they all have advanced mecha and there are more than 50 super-class mecha with Venus before they are eligible to apply for mecha.
But the mecha in the western theater don’t have them. Those who charge the imperial defense and then clear the war don’t have them.
Independent regiment visible bombs, shells, missiles and other weapons can easily cause fatal damage to them.
During these seven days, the main casualties occurred in the second and third lines of defense against the Empire.
These two imperial lines were breached, and the independent regiment contributed a lot, but didn’t it contribute to the sacrifice of more than 50 thousand people in the western theater?
"But if we don’t go back …" Lame hesitated without saying what he really wanted to talk, but changed his mind. ""Old Ji, let’s go home and let’s go to the Xinghe team. "
Qin Tong agreed at the first time, "We still have one hundred and seventy planes to cut the mountain. If we go back, we can leave one hundred and sixty planes for the western theater."
The Zhongyuan Xinghe team, a member of the independent regiment that arrived in the western theater, is not counted as Ji Xinghe. There are 19 people, but five people died in today’s battle, and now there are 14 people left.
Qin Tong, Harris, Blind, Lame, Su Chuanyun, Andre, Left Hand, Deaf, Lame, Li Lehai, Zhang, Liu Junle, Jiang Yun, Chu Feng.
Qin Tong, Harris, Blind and Lame have ten people who need to cut the mountain with the ace mecha.
From this point of view, the success of the independent regiment is to make some discounts, because the original Xinghe team has achieved the goal of ace, which means that five ace mecha died today
Calculate the Milky Way team 19 ace federal currently has 43 ace mecha a Milky Way level mecha.
This loss is replaced by neural link technology, which is unbearable for the former Federation. However, it is not so difficult for the existing Yu Ren, the new trump card, to create a trump card mecha.
The results of the independent regiment are still brilliant.
"They can’t do it without us." Ji Xinghe directly denied this suggestion, and he said it was also true.
If today is not the Milky Way team five ace mecha sacrifice independent regiment, it is impossible to keep one hundred and seventy fighters, but if the number of mecha broken increases too much, the outcome may be reversed.
"But …" What did you think? "Do you really want that trick, Lao Ji?"
Ji Xinghe lightly responded "Yes, that’s the trick"
The communication channel was quiet, and the pursuit war continued until the energy left by many independent groups’ mecha was below 5%, and Ji Xinghe made the retreat.
Their adventure is valuable. Without these imperial mecha they pursued, the western theater recovered outpost 144, and the goal could be achieved by noon at the latest.
The independent regiment did not take part in the Qing dynasty war, but directly returned to the outpost line 142 to rest.
Ji Xinghe didn’t repair the independent regiment mecha himself this time. The mechanics in the western theater understood this very well. They all thought that Ji Xinghe needed a good rest because of his lack of physical fitness.
But when they saw that Ji Xinghe got into a second-generation simulated control cabin that had just been sent by Chen Xun, they felt that things were not that simple.
Before the war in the western theater was over, the real-time statistics of the results had already appeared in front of Kentevez, which made him feel a little sorry and he couldn’t help laughing.
"Up to now, the active offensive has lasted for seven days, and the central and western war zones have wiped out more than 500,000 enemy troops and smashed more than 3,700 imperial mecha, of which 2,352 were smashed by independent regiments."
"Forty-one people died in the independent regiment, five of them were ace mecha, twenty-two were super mecha and fourteen were first-class mecha."
"Fifty-six thousand four hundred and thirty-five people were killed in the western war zone, and 935 people were special-grade mecha, eleven people were first-class mecha, and seventy-three people were …"
"The number of imperial mechs captured in the western theater is 3,270. According to the preliminary report of the Machine Maintenance Corps, the number of repairable and modified mechs is 1,756 …"
Ken Tevez suddenly interrupted the report. "How many planes has General Ji Xinghe personally broken?"
The reporter did not answer directly, but hesitated to ask, "After the commander General Ji Xinghe hit the damage, did our mecha make up the knife to break those imperial mechs?"
"Of course," Ken tevez frown tone some dissatisfaction "no general Ji Xinghe blow damage which come to mend the knife? Don’t ask again after this kind of thing. When our mecha hear it, they will be very dissatisfied and think you are insulting them. "
After confirming the answer as prepared, the reporter directly said, "General Ji Xinghe has personally broken 1,759, of which 431 were captured in our western theater, and 235 were captured today."
Hearing this, everyone in the place could not help but marvel at the figures. Kentevez frowned but did not loosen.
What can’t be rounded up?
Ken Tevez recalled just now that Ji Xinghe led the independent regiment to pursue the war, especially when Ji Xinghe had the opportunity to break the imperial mecha, but he gave the opportunity to the independent regiment, and others felt more sorry.
It was his first regret that the Independent Regiment was not left with Ji Xinghe alone or the original Xinghe team.
The independent regiment sacrificed five ace mecha, which was his second regret. Although he also knew that the sacrifice of those five ace brought great help to the independent regiment’s victory, the ace was the ace.
Even if it’s not as valuable as it used to be, it’s worth ten special lives to change an ace life.
The third regret is that Ji Xinghe’s cumulative defeat failed to make up a whole. If Ji Xinghe gets two thousand gold stars today, he will immediately promote the resolution to award the rank of Lieutenant General Ji Xinghe.
Although Ji Xinghe has made great achievements with the independent regiment, according to the rules of the independent regiment or the Xinghe squad, most of these achievements will be divided by the players
Ji Xinghe’s personal exploits will be exchanged for phase resources by him.
If he strives to add Longzhou, he will certainly cooperate. It is not a big problem for Ji Xinghe to get the rank of lieutenant general, but it is not so easy for him to give Ji Xinghe the medal of Xinghe.
Kantevez doesn’t have a good mind. He has his own agenda.
Ji Xinghe, the rank of lieutenant general, can also belong to Tu Yuan’s command sequence, but if he has the Star River Medal, the independent regiment led by Ji Xinghe can belong to the commander-in-chief’s command sequence.
Which is his command sequence
Do you want to …
Watching Ji Xinghe return to outpost No.14 with an independent regiment, watching the war in the theater of No.5 base, thinking that the tower top organization had told him the news the day before yesterday …
Kantevez sent a message to Tangqiao after hesitation. Don’t forget you.