Two hundred imperial mecha crashing and moving into a formation in the direction of their reinforcements to support.

This scene was first seen by the Alnilam.
I have also been unable to fight, but I have been discovered by Imperial reinforcements. Team Xinghe knows.
"Two hundred together? They also respect us too much. "
"Why do you look down on yourself?"
"So we want to play two hundred and sixty imperial mecha?"
"It’s very different to fight 60 first and then 200."
"It’s 60 imperial mecha, not our opponents, who want us to fight fast enough to wipe them out, and then 200 imperial mecha can’t chase us."
"I think we should slow down, let the 200 imperial mecha chase us, and then fight with them, pull and nibble at them bit by bit. Their mecha are too slow. We can"
"Eh, that’s a good idea."
The communication channel of Xinghe squad has a sense of brainstorming. There are twelve mechs. They talk about sixty imperial mechs and two hundred imperial mechs. If they are not picked up, there will inevitably be more imperial mechs.
The tone is extremely relaxed
Because they have a star river.
The enemy of Ji Xinghe is their morale.
That is to say, Ji Xinghe is driving a champion Hou instead of a general armor or a new general armor. If they were replaced by a general armor, they would be able to attack hundreds of thousands of imperial troops like the B72 highland.
You know, at that time, they were not members of the mountain-level mecha.
After listening for a while, Ji Xinghe suddenly came out.
"Connect me with General Tu Yuan"
Communication connection succeeded.
Ji Xinghe decided to "revise the war plan, let’s contain these imperial mecha, let’s send reinforcements to clean up the road."
Tu Yuan didn’t promise for the first time, but looked at his staff.
After getting the answer he wanted, he directly rejected Ji Xinghe’s amendment plan.
"When it takes five hours for reinforcements to be in place, you will continue to carry out the pre-war plan because of insufficient energy."
This is a math problem.
It took less than two hours for the Xinghe team to leave after the fight and go to the rendezvous with reinforcements in both directions.
Galaxy squad mecha performance in terms of imperial mecha it is difficult to chase them.
But if this time is extended to five hours, taking into account the need for base 5 to send reinforcements to clean up the remnants of the empire
They will inevitably enter a state of long-term high energy consumption during the containment battle.
Team Xinghe must not stay up. The mecha has no energy and can’t move. It can become a target.
There is also a key problem that if the Xinghe team is gone, what will it be to support more than 200 federal mecha in the past?
Even if they clean up the battlefield and successfully achieve the goal of eliminating 100 thousand enemies, how can they fight after that?
But Ji Xinghe insisted that he asked, "General, have you forgotten one thing?"
Tu Yuan frowned. "Huh?"
"Prepare to launch temporary repair cabin"