The new alliance pays for the purchase through the local garrison, and how much it can buy depends on whether the money is enough. The Konu school can also get a lot of benefits, and it can also bribe the guard front level to let them mind their own business here in AMISOM.

The patrol has been expanded since the camp line was built. At present, the establishment is two companies with a total of about 300 people. These four machine guns were originally purchased for the patrol and can be used as heavy machine guns. Although the name has the word "heavy" in it, it is actually a light weapon, but it is powerful enough to deal with human flesh targets.
Four machine guns and twenty seconds of crossfire poured a hundred rounds of ammunition into the past. No matter how good the posture is, it is necessary to aim accurately and shoot with probability. It is even more difficult. He has also prepared four rounds of two shells. He has no intention of asking three old men to help him, and he should not rely on or bother several old people in everything.
Talking, Hua Zhen has cleaned up the kitchen. Li Jingzhi asked, "Is this pot of soup stewed?"
Hua Zhen line "No matter what it has done, simmer slowly with such a small fire. When the fire goes out at night, cover the pot and simmer for a day, and then cook it directly. Pour the juice now."
The next afternoon, Li Jingzhi came earlier than Maman. He and Maman went into the kitchen to help Hua Zhen’s thugs make heart-pounding abalone as the main course. So many people ate and of course cooked many other dishes.
Old man Yang got up directly from the grocery store today, and I don’t know when he will come back. He is a host, not a guest.
Huanxiang Industrial Consultant Lei Yunjin, the chief engineer of Dongguo Aid Project Headquarters, is also here. He is Xiaohua. Please also find Huanxiang Industrial to send a car to pick up Fan Dake, Shen Si, Wang Fengshou and Cui Wanhe. These four people have an appointment to arrive together just before dinner.
Yang Tehong, Lei Yunjin, Li Jingzhi, Man Man, Shen Si, Fan Dake, Wang Fengshou, Cui Wanhe, and Mr. Hua Zhen and Mr. Feng, there are ten people in this meal today.
Moving a long table to the courtyard, everyone either went in and out of the kitchen to help or sat in the courtyard to talk with manager Yang and manager Lei. Hua Zhen specially ran out and asked, "Why hasn’t Mr. Feng arrived yet? Will he come today?"
Yang Laotou laughed. "If you manage to cook your food, he will come naturally."
Sure enough, when the abalone was cooked, the sauce was poured, Mr. Feng waddled into the courtyard from the outside and shook a folding fan. On the white cloud side, "Merry" was written vertically and "Mysterious" was written horizontally. There was a small ring hanging from one end of the fan shaft.
Fan pendant hung with emerald tassels, and there was a small ball with silk mesh. In the pocket was a purple air-flow round bead, which others didn’t notice, but as soon as he entered the hospital, Yang Laotou narrowed his eyes and stared at the fan pendant, which was very shocking.
When Mr. Feng entered the door, he smiled, "What a table! I came at the right time!"
Hua Zhen line also smiled "it’s time for you to come! The main thing today is to ask you … everyone is here! "
He introduced Mr. Feng to Xi Manman and others. Mr. Feng sat down and said, "Nine turns to Dan Guang Zi Wu Qi Xing Zhen Hua Yun Bu Feng Huan Fan blows rain. This table is made by Dan furnace. It’s really different today!"
Hua Zhen line "haven’t drink wine, you’re reciting poetry … ouch! Why is it raining? "
Chapter 13, Zijin Dan
In mid-October, the weather was already very cool in many places, but the climate in the port of Somalia was hot and dry. The rainy season ended at the end of the month, and the rainy season came in early November, with more than two months of dry season.
The dry season does not mean that it will never rain, but it does rarely evaporate before the ground is wet, and there are often clouds floating over the sky, but the plain is not enough for rainfall.
Just now, everyone had a lively chat in the shade of the tree. I didn’t notice that there were clouds floating over and covered the sun, and a breeze blew and brought some coolness. At the moment, it was very poetic to have a drizzle falling with the wind, but it was not suitable for the banquet in the courtyard. Let’s move the dining tables back to the hall and take a seat again.
In front of everyone, there is a plate of heart-warming abalone. First, look at the picture, smell the taste, and then cut it to taste the color, smell and taste. Mr. Feng has his own set of procedures. He nods, "Good, good, good, and you will have an appetite when you look at it."
Hua Zhen trip "I’ll cut it for you"
Mr. Feng, "I’ll cut a ribbon first and then you cut it."
Next to LeiYunJin also laughed, "Cut the ribbon quickly, we are all anxious."
Mr. Feng, "A good meal is not afraid of the late weather. It’s still early."
Today, this table of dishes is full of praise. If there is food, there will be wine. Old man Yang specially introduced, "This is a new self-directed brewing produced by the non-Suogang winery. I will tell you that brewing wine in a little secret can cure the soil and water of distant visitors."
Shen Si asked, "What about people who don’t drink?"
Yang Laotou "can take medicine!"
Mr. Feng gently took a sip and closed his eyes and nose. "Not bad, unexpectedly good."
Yang Laotou: "Of course, I developed it and I directed the production."
Mr. Feng put a glass of wine and said, "Twenty-five years ago, Wuliangye Distillery in Yibin City, Tianfu Province of the East China inexplicably lost a batch of old base wine, and no one reported that the base wine was missing. It’s just that there is natural loss in the cellar. Even a batch of five-color pit mud in the cellar is missing. What do you think is the natural loss during brewing?"
Yang Tehong’s face doesn’t change color. "There are all kinds of possibilities. For example, at that time, there were several groups of people who got a little more or less. That batch of wine was made by others. No one came forward … Don’t look at me like that. My base wine and pit mud were bought at a high price and didn’t take advantage of anyone."