Buddhism has not expelled the burden for two years, but it was blown away by her shallow wind with a smile. Yan Yi slowly loosened his arms and smiled coldly.

Hehe, I’m ready for you to laugh all night like a bell. Have a nice trip. Yan Yi patted her shoulder blade and suddenly turned her eyebrows to glance at the figure that stood for a long time at the door.
You go over there. Yan Yi pushed her out of her arms and ordered her to make it clear that I have nothing to do with you.
Kashan was busy flopping and dusting, and ran to Kas’s side. Just as she was about to explain, she was caught by a pair of pliers-like iron arms, and a dizzy man was shouldered with generous shoulders.
She exclaimed and drowned in the door.
I caught a glimpse of the harmonious pair of Yan Yi with a wry smile, dressed in that dahongpao, waiting for Li to arrive in the new moon.
A year later.
The spring of the following year is still young. In April, people are sunny, everything is beautiful, willows are flying, and catkins are flying. Then Ye Er is green everywhere, stepping on a new year with rare vitality.
The winter has just passed away, and the cold snow has washed away the lead, and the earth is also rejuvenated. The budding trees and birds are also warm in spring to welcome their hometown and return to the snake palace nest.
The nine ridges of the snake palace are separated from the tiles, and the early-maturing decorations are also swaying with the wind and snow, and the vines are still indomitable and occupy the snake palace.
The snake palace lost its past aura and suddenly became vicissitudes. The tree temple is still a temple, but it is full of danger and haze everywhere, as if it were accidentally falling into the tree invasion trap at any time.
The old tree king never gave up attacking the snake palace and treated Cassius, the snake king who refused to surrender and became his son-in-law, which humiliated his tree family. He hated his guts.
The two sides confronted each other all the year round, and the number of casualties on both sides was cassius’s tenacious struggle. Unfortunately, the number of casualties in the Dragon Palace War in the early years of the Snake Palace has not recovered yet, and the elders at the end of the year have average mana, while the tree clan has come to all sides to form a sacred danger.
Over the past year, Kaschi’s amazing perseverance has supported the snake palace plan and practiced a little mature and steady in the battles.
Hard year after year.
For 365 days and nights, they were always in a state of panic and turmoil, and they didn’t sleep well or relax for a day.
A bloody year.
The wreckage lying in a pool of blood made Cass miserable. Brothers and sisters, he couldn’t bear to part with 110 thousand, but he couldn’t lose his momentum. He only frowned and raised his hair to ignite the fighting spirit after the fiasco
A year is also a happy year.
Because Wang Kafei, a small and medium-sized king in the Snake Palace, grows up healthily and is not disturbed by resistance, his meat is tooty and lovely.
The hours in Nakas were exactly the same. The war and the smoke of the snake palace added to the fun of poverty, and the bad karma couple gained activity.
It was the morning when the dew began to fall.
There was a light step in the forest outside the snake temple, and a little baby ran deep into the forest with two short legs.
Bypass the trees, run through the shallow mud, drive out the weeds, and wear a pair of little boots. The little guy is desperate to run and get all over his little face, and his big eyes are bright and round, and he can see through the demon heart.
A small vest is knee-length, and a pair of trousers are baggy and tied with thick cotton in front of his knees for fear that he will fall down. At any rate, another small hat leans like a leaf and wears a hat to fan the small ancient fan, which Kasheng specially gave him as a cosmetic ornament.
It is said that the little guy is very talented and knows how to recite poems by heart when he was a child, and he also knows how to hook up with maids. The thief is eccentric but painful. He is a stubborn but clever little thing
Kasheng said that he will be cultivated into a second lover in the future.
His father heard that Wang Baojian, the snake, chased Ka Sheng and chased the snake palace three times, and he had to chop down the pest to death.
Aloya said that this kid will surpass Cass in the future.
His father learned that he had been laughing from ear to ear for three days and three nights, and his successor followed his father’s footsteps. Think about the beautiful blueprint for the future. Can you not laugh?
Even now, a wave is still unsettled, and a lovely little feier is coming, and everything is so interesting and hopeful.
Dad, dad
Xiaofeier shouted and waved his chubby paws at the depths of the trees, and the silvery light around Huang Jintai shone into his eyes.
Cass sat cross-legged on the stage, his hands were windy and flaming. Suddenly, he supported the flame, his eyes were spinning, his slender legs were set up, and he flew across Huang Jintai for a few steps, and the clouds turned into a green and black python hovering in the middle, spraying clouds and spraying fog. It was wonderful.
Dad is great. Dad is great.
Xiaofeier clapped his hands and followed the python before and after running, laughing beautifully, but his father smiled at the corners of his mouth. Two small flowers were especially lovely and attractive.
Little things grow fat. Bicas is healthy when he is young, with fine eyes and beautiful breasts. The face of the baby is always as dazzling as the picture. Perhaps it is a mixed-race of people and snakes. He is not like a human being, but his body contains powerful forces waiting to be tapped.
A strange little meatball turned and turned like Hua Hudie’s dad, and he was so happy that he was so excited.
With a cry, the python suddenly leaned over and obliquely involved his small body, and he was entangled in the half-play, and he spun and leaped. Is it happy?
Dad, bam, bam, have fun. Xiaofeier laughs at the meat pile at the corner of his mouth, grabs Cass’ tail and calls Dad. What can’t I turn into a half ring? He flattens his mouth and mumbles.
Feier is a snake. People will change in the future. Now they should grow up. Cass will take him to play and comfort his baby carefully.
Can dad become a very handsome FeiEr won’t become FeiEr, isn’t it? Dad Boh Boy, he asked with big eyes, delicate and touching. It looks so much like her dressing up as a pig and eating a tiger mother, which made Cass laugh and cry and put him back on the ground and back into shape.