Conway’s heart is already full of jealousy, but he can’t do anything in such a situation. Gu Mengmeng turned his eyes to him with tacit understanding. When he saw a slight jealousy in his eyes, he couldn’t help secretly thinking about himself.

See her happy hand rose.
Russian officers were shocked, but the border defense company was silent.
Conway’s face is slightly heavy, but he is still willing to believe that his girl will not let him down.
Gu Mengmeng cheerfully inserted the flowers into the water bottle and said emotionally in Russian, thank you, Rose. Welcome your comrades to my husband’s army. He is very happy. Thank you for coming.
As soon as the words were said, the other side was in an uproar, especially when the Russian officer’s expression gradually became lost.
The soldiers of the frontier defense company urged Kang instructor to explain to them, but Conway took the initiative to take action and answered the soldiers’ curiosity.
He walked over to Gu Mengmeng’s side, held her shoulder and extended a friendly hand to each other. Thank you for coming. My wife wishes you a happy stay in China.
They are all free and easy soldiers. Even worse, when we first met, there were no complicated emotions in it, so the atmosphere was restored after everyone shook hands and hugged.
From then on, Conway held hands and was not afraid of the soldiers’ jokes and pressed Gu Mengmeng beside him for exclusive use.
Gu Mengmeng spent a lot of time in her heart. She put her hand in his hand and squeezed it from time to time. When she was messing with his translation key, Conway’s face eventually harassed her with a smile.
Later, the soldiers on both sides asked their husband and wife to perform the program Conway Gu Mengmeng together, dumbfounded.
See karma to Chapter two hundred and seventy-nine Dumpling Competition
After seeing off the Russian soldiers who came from afar, the company’s music feast began.
In order to create a rich festive atmosphere, the company organized skillful craftsmen to catch exquisite ice sculptures, and snow sculpture lanterns performed their duties at dusk. The soldiers hung lanterns and colorful flags in the company’s distinctive bamboo building. Gu Mengmeng joined in the fun for a while to help hang lanterns, and then prepared noodles with cookhouse squad to help the soldiers post couplets on both sides of the gate.
The ice sculptures of officers and men in the clean and clean camp, snow sculpture, shine against each other in the setting sun.
In this way, the Spring Festival is getting closer and closer to them
The little soldiers are sweet-mouthed. They are sincere and frank military wives. They bite a sister-in-law and call Gu Mengmeng happy. Their eyes are narrowed and they keep taking pictures of POSS soldiers.
Conway set off firecrackers when he was preparing to celebrate the Lunar New Year at 1 o’clock in the bamboo building corridor. He asked the quartermaster for more fireworks without telling Gu Mengmeng, hoping to give her a surprise in the early morning. But the silly girl didn’t know that his little secret was set off by a red lantern in the snow, and he smiled sweetly and attractively. He also followed that smile with a satisfied smile.
This girl
If you want to come to the grass-roots barracks, you have never treated yourself as an outsider.
After finishing, they returned to the canteen to cook. The platoon distributed live flour fillings to them. Qi Lianchang announced the rules of the competition in public.
Fifteen minutes is the best time to pack, and the winning team is the best.
The prize is a new set of military credentials at the first whistle on the morning of New Year’s Day.
The soldiers were excited when they heard it.
The first whistle at the beginning of the new year, that’s a commemorative patrol whistle. It’s both glorious and sacred. Frontier defense companies and soldiers don’t get the greatest honor for such opportunities
But usually, even the basin has never been touched. It has become a problem for everyone to wrap a large number of dumplings with higher quality in fifteen minutes.
I don’t know who said that I haven’t eaten pork, haven’t seen pigs run? Who hasn’t eaten dumplings? What’s the difficulty? It’s just that the dough is wrapped in stuffing. It says that the soldiers picked up a flour basket and clapped it into a flat one, then dug up a spoonful of stuffing and put it aside like a grip.
After a muffled sound, the stuffing leaked from the dough again.
The soldier was dumbfounded and burst into laughter all around.
Qi Lianchang laughed and asked the cook to demonstrate the essentials of a pack of dumplings, then allowed several rows to experiment for five or six times. Finally, he rolled up his sleeves and shouted, I called 13 whistle on time.
People from all walks of life are eager to try and stare at the chopping board.
Shh, the whistle is ringing.
You see
All the restaurants are in a mess
Usually with guns and knives, riding horses and fighting, all the soldiers hold their breath and hold dustpans of different shapes in their hands, kneading around a small piece of stuffing.
Wow, let’s see if I’m like the little rabbit company commander. Does it count as a person shouting straight?
Gu Mengmeng stirred the stuffing in the basin and pulled out the neck to look over there.
I almost didn’t laugh on the spot when I saw being called rabbit dumplings by soldiers.